Refined Cook Culinary Series

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Note:   Ingredients are most often organic, natural or minimally (if at all) processed. We will do our best to keep the ingredients/menu exactly as written, but substitutions may be made occasionally due to market availability and to ensure the freshest produce possible.  Classes are BYOB, include all materials,  complimentary beverages and apps to snack on (while we cook).



Gadgets n gizmos series

Introducing the Gadgets n Gizmos series, cooking class parties where we feature one or more of our fave kitchen appliances at home. We have fun with our toys but best of all, they make it easy for us to create sumptuous dishes when we’re busy.  Playtime!  


Set It and Forget It
Gizmo: rotisserie

On any lazy day, we just might pick up a plump whole organic chicken from our favorite grocery, give it a nice spice rub, pop it in the rotisserie then set it and forget it!  And that’s exactly what we’re doing in class.  With some time to kill, we’ll get fancy and roll out home-made dough to make an elegant three-cheese pizza of organic figs as a starter– an absolute favorite with friends.  Maximizing broccoli’s phytonutrients, we’re steaming it to accompany our juicy rotisserie chicken.  Pecan Date balls are a sweet finish served with refreshing mint tea.

Three- Cheese Fig pizza, Spice-rubbed rotisserie Organic Chicken with Steamed broccoli, Pecan Date balls served with Mint tea

Fri, Feb 21     Sun, Apr 26        Sat, June 20 

Under Pressure!
Gizmo: pressure cooker, rice cooker

Freddie and David may have had a different kind of pressure in mind, but we agree that we can give love, especially when we taste the results!  The East-West flavor fusion came to fruition for Marlene and Jeff’s anniversary dinner. We featured a house favorite, pork shoulder, pressure-cooked to tenderness with leeks and Chinese spices, and paired it with the New England flavors of sweet roasted squash and sage. We’re replicating the menu because we love it, and know you will too. Capping the meal on either end are Stuffed endive goat cheese canoes and Mango flambé for starter and dessert. 

Stuffed endive goat cheese canoes, Chinese Five-spice Pork Shoulder with leeks served over red rice, Roasted organic squash with sage butter sauce, Mango flambé (gluten-free)

Sat, Feb 22         Fri, May 8


Smoke it!
Gizmo: Stove top smoker

We love our stove-top smoker because it only takes twenty minutes to smoke Omega 3-rich salmon and we’re serving these beauties two ways just because we can.  We start with an asparagus soup inspired by a French meal Marlene had years ago, topped with smoked salmon and crème fraîche.  Our second course will be Fried vegetarian spring rolls followed by our main feature, Smoked salmon and Avocado salad. We finish with a Raspberry Chocolate tart.

Creamy Asparagus soup with smoked salmon, Smoked Salmon Avocado salad, Fried Vegetarian Spring rolls, Organic Raspberry Chocolate tart (with gluten-free option)

Sun, June 14 


Hosting a Holiday Extravaganza but not sure how or what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to make this fabulous feast in time for the holidays and you’ll be sure to wow family and friends. This is a beautiful and sumptuous feast that won’t leave you feeling like you were a slave to your guests. We start off with a crisp tart with the contrasting flavors of goat cheese and caramelized onions followed by a Clementine salad as a refreshing palate cleanser. The main course is Jeff’s rib-roast with a mushroom-port sauce served over Emperor’s Forbidden black rice with a side of roasted herbed tomatoes and creamed spinach. We will finish with a de-light-ful Louisiana original, flambéed Bananas Foster, served over organic vanilla ice cream. In between, we will discuss tips on wine-pairing, table setting and creating a festive and elegant ambiance.

Goat Cheese and Onions Tart, Clementine Salad with Miso-Ponzu dressing, Garlic-studded Rib Roast with Mushroom port sauce served over Forbidden rice, Roasted herbed tomatoes, Creamed spinach, Organic Bananas Foster:  $124/pp

Next class in Dec

Get Saucy!

Get Saucy! is all about, you guessed it, sauces!  We’re roasting, pan-frying and/or grilling a cornucopia of steak tips, chicken, shrimp and seasonal vegetables. We’ll make four different savory sauces to mix and match–an Argentinian chimichurri reminiscent of Marlene’s five –week Patagonian sojourn, Asian style soy-lime sauce, kale pesto and Sriracha butter sauce so that you’ll have plenty of ideas on how to make even the most basic dishes shine. We’ll start with a warm salad of grilled Romaine lettuce with walnuts and blue cheese and finish with fruit kabobs drizzled with a killer rum sauceThis is the Fall/Winter version of our popular summer-only Grill Baby Grill class.

Grass-fed Steak tips, Sustainably-farmed  Shrimp, Organic Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables with various dips served over organic rice, Pan-fried Organic Romaine Lettuce with walnuts and blue cheese, Fruit Kabobs with Rum Sauce (Gluten Free)
Sun Feb 9 (SOLD OUT)   Sun Mar 29      Fri, Apr 17     Sat, May 16

asian series

Marlene will show you how to recreate the authentic flavors from her childhood using cookery techniques learned from her family and from traveling extensively, taking culinary classes throughout the region.   Classes are often inspired by cuisines from Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan and China.  Asian cuisine is largely gluten-free and one of the tastiest and healthiest cuisines in the world.  

Taste of Asia 1:  Fresh Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls, Organic Chicken Mango Coconut Curry, Organic Salad Greens with a Soy and Sesame dressing, Steamed Organic Brown Rice, Banana Fritters (Gluten Free)
Fri, Mar 20         Sat, May 2
Taste of Asia 2:  Thai Organic Chicken and Shrimp Lemongrass Coconut Soup, Chinese Five-Spice Pan-fried All Natural Pork tenderloin Medallions, Sautéed Shanghai petite bok choy, Organic brown rice, Pandan  Coconut Jelly (Gluten Free) 
Sun, Mar 1            Fri, Apr 24


Oh My, Pad Thai: Shrimp Lemongrass Skewers, Thai Beef Salad,  Shrimp Pad Thai, Mango Coconut Sago with Sesame seeds (Gluten Free)
Sat, Mar 7     Sat, Mar 28 (SOLD OUT)      Fri, May 1           Sun, June 28

Hurry, I Want My Thai Green Chicken Curry: Pork and Shrimp Lettuce Wrap,  Grapefruit Salad,  Thai Green Chicken Curry,  Pandan Coconut Jelly (Gluten Free)
Sat,  Mar 21             Fri, May 15 

British-Style Indian chicken curry

In this class, we start with one of our fave apps, crisp cauliflower fritters served with an easy-to-make and flavor-packed  tomato dip. Learn to make garam masala from scratch, the primary spice blend we will use in our main course:  a yogurt-based  Indian Chicken curry Marlene grew up with, typically served in British establishments in Manila with an awesome mango chutney even Major Grey would be proud of!  A salad of organic greens cleans the palate and we cap the evening with  lip-smacking golden-fried apples with an exotic honey drizzle.  

Cauliflower fritters,  British-style Organic Indian Chicken Curry served with Mango chutney over Basmati rice,  Mixed Salad greens , Fried apples drizzled with cardamom and Pistachios honey served over Organic Vanilla ice cream (Gluten Free)
Sat, Apr 18             Fri, June 19

Italian Fusion

Get ready to roll out some dough—we’re going to make this elegant  pizza of organic figs and three cheeses  that’s an absolute favorite with friends.  And that’s just the appetizer.   Jeff will share  a restaurant secret in making perfectly cooked cod loin, and we will prepare a compound butter that’s a match made-in-heaven with roasted butternut squash.  Finally, we’ll cap it with divine cacao and hazelnut cookies with a dollop of our favorite organic ice cream.
Fig and Three Cheese  Pizza,  Breaded Cod-Loin with white wine and capers, Roasted butternut squash with sage butter sauce, Cacao and Hazelnut cookies served with Organic Vanilla Ice Cream
Fri, Mar 6 (SOLD OUT)         Sat, Apr 11        Sat, May 9        Fri, Jun 12        

Vegetarian (Gluten-Free)

Vegetarian Roasted Vegetable Lasagna: You’re not going to miss meat with this luxuriously decadent vegetarian fare.  In this class, we’ll learn about soffritto and mirepoix that puts the “classic” in our Tomato Soup and a French sauce that transforms this lasagna into “food for the gods”.  Finish off with a no-dairy luscious dessert that’s super easy to make! This class is gluten free as we will use gluten-free lasagna noodles from Italy.  

Cauliflower fritters, Classic Tomato Soup, Roasted (or Grilled) Vegetables with Spinach Lasagna, Coconut Panna Cotta with Organic Berries (Gluten Free)

 Fri, Apr 10  


Vegan Asian (gluten-free)
Healthy Asian cuisine just got healthier! We’ve designed this cooking class to have all the authentic flavors of Asia without sacrificing the Umami that usually comes from fish sauce. You’ll learn about unusual ingredients like agar agar and pandan, roll fresh spring rolls, make your own peanut sauce from scratch, have a soup course that can be a meal on its own with typical Asian garnishes and make a ridiculously easy guilt-free dessert. Would you believe it’s gluten-free too?

Fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce, Squash soup with scallions, Sautéed petite Shanghai bok choy with sesame seeds and Pandan Coconut Jelly (Gluten Free)

 Fri,  Apr 3           Sat, Jun 27                         


Vegan Indian (gluten-free)
 This is the vegan version of our British-style Indian curry class. We start with one of our fave apps, crisp cauliflower fritters served with an easy-to-make and flavor-packed tomato dip. Learn to make garam masala from scratch, the primary spice blend we will use in our main course:  a Mixed Vegetable curry with an awesome mango chutney even Major Grey would be proud of!  A salad of organic greens cleans the palate and we cap the evening with  lip-smacking golden-fried apples with an exotic maple syrup drizzle.

Cauliflower fritters,  Indian-style Mixed Vegetable Curry served with Mango chutney over Basmati rice,  Mixed Salad greens , Fried apples drizzled with cardamom maple syrup (Gluten Free) 

Fri,  Feb 28 (SOLD OUT)         Sun, May 10